P.O. BOX 4963
TOPEKA, KS 66604
August 2017/2018


President (term expires 2018)
Suki Willison

Vice President (term expires 2019)
Gerry Schmanke

Secretary/Treasurer (term expires 2019)
Karen Osborn

Board Members (terms expire 2018)
Rod Peterson
Bill Beasley
Luan Betts
Kenny Jones

Board Members (terms expire 2019)
Gilbert “Gib” Ramirez
Katie Willison
Joe Kurtz
Patrick Nichols

“My love for blues… goes back to my teens, but I was never really sure what it was. I just knew where ever blues was playing I was drawn. Now after many years and listening to all kinds of music the basis to most music comes from blues. It’s our American roots, the music we were built on.To be able to bring Blues to Topeka has been a journey for me, to put together a society that can go on forever and support the music and people that love it is a blessing. It’s been an on going statement that “there is nothing to do in Topeka”. I am hoping with awareness, participation, and knowledge that the people of Topeka will take that statement out of their conversations and replace it with, “we have this to see, this to do, and this place to go”. Support the music America was built on, it’s our heritage.”

…Suki Willison • President • Topeka Blues Society…

“I am a blues fan… because the music is easy to listen to. Outdoor festivals are the best! I wanted to be part of an organization that promotes live music.”