TOPEKA BLUES SOCIETY – Monday, February 18, 2013  6:30pm @ Uncle Bo’s



BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:   Suki Willison, Luan Betts, Rod Peterson, Gib Ramirez, Bill Beasley, Stacy Jeffress and Karen Osborn

BOARD MEMBERS ABSENT:   Brad Hern, Tony Gaines, Brian Gabel and Gerry Schmanke


APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Bill made motion that minutes of January 21, 2013 be approved, Luan second; approved.



IBC Wrap-up

Representing TBS in Memphis were the Josh Vowell Band and Rachelle Coba.  Rachelle Coba made the semi-finals and will be touring Australia as a result of contacts made at IBC.  JVB did very well and generated some interest, also, especially performing for future Blues Festivals.  Suki advised Grand Marquis and Old No. 5 are interested in representing TBS at next IBC.  Luan will send updated TBS IBC application to Ellen for website.  Suki will check with K.C. and Wichita Blues Societies to see when their IBC is, and then we will schedule ours.  Looking at August 18th, if no conflicts.

There is some interest in TBS volunteering to work next year’s IBC in Memphis – we need to see what’s involved.  We would need a lot of people going to Memphis to make it work, so we could take turns.  If not enough go to Memphis, we will postpone involvement.

TBS Website for festials and calendar events

Stacy has not been able to figure out WordPress.  The Board agreed we need our website to be updated regularly.   Karen will ask Ellen to create a “rolling” calendar to always be the first thing to come up on our site.  The calendar will include any blues acts performing in the area.  Artists may submit their information to Ellen, Suki or Stacy.

Blue Star Connection

Suki said she’d like to have our Blue Star Connection event on a Thursday night.  We would donate Cover Charge and Auction intake, as well as any instruments donated.  We can begin to generate interest for this on our website and Facebook.

Blues Music Awards

Suki said the Blues Music Awards, in Memphis, will be Thursday, May 9th.  Table for 10 is $1250.  Stacy said it will be streamed on Sirius XM Bluesville.   Stacy is attending.

SOKBF (Spirit of Kansas Blues Festival)

The donation application form for Prairie Band casino has been submitted.  Suki will now work on the Westar Energy application – Patty Beasley will assist, if needed.

Everyone on the Board should be getting donations and sponsors for the SOK Blues Festival.

Rod advised the deadline for ads in the Blues Festival Guide is March 23rd – he would need logos of our major sponsors one week before that deadline.  Suki ordered 1000 Blues Festival Guides.

Other Blues Festivals

The Paola Festival is August 23 & 24th – we should get this on our calendar.

The Paxico Blues Festival is Sept. 21st – Suki has been asked to have the pre-party at Bo’s on the 20th.

The Sin City Soul & Blues Revival is Sept. 15, 16 & 17 at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

NOTO Blues & BBQ Festival is Sept. 29th – TBS will again supply the band and setup, and NOTO has asked us to also handle the food – the Betts will orchestrate that part.

Jammin’ in JC – Sept. 27 & 28

We should get information on the Topeka Downtown Blues, Brews and BBQ and get that on our calendar, and check to see if we can be involved in any way.


One Year Goals

Organized bus trip to Memphis IBC:  Luan will work on this

Bigger SOKBF:  each year should get bigger as we grow

Blues in Schools:  Suki said Hamilton Loomis wants to put on a harmonica lesson, to include history and harmonicas for students.  She suggested TBS offer to cover the costs, asking Loomis for total amount to cover this event.  We could ask music teachers at all middle schools and high schools to send two students each.  Bill moved that Suki ask Loomis his charge and if he could do this on a Wednesday or Thursday after school, Luan second; approved.

Board Minutes on Website:  Karen will begin emailing approved minutes to the TBS membership and also ask Ellen to post on the website.

Bands/Artists to promote membership to TBS:  Suki would like for us to promote using acronym “TBS” more – she would be happy to put up a poster advertising TBS at Bo’s.  We will also ask any bands/artists listed on our calendar to promote membership with TBS.

Youth Jam each month:  the Loomis project could possibly lead to a Youth Jam

Three Year Goals

More Blues festivals:  TBS will not look at putting on more festivals, but will definitely promote all the festivals in the area.

Sound Studio and /or Auditorium and TBS office in NOTO District:  TBS should consider getting a look at the old Princess Theater to assess the condition.

Supporting artists with Self-Producing CD:  not discussed

Blues shows in Gage Park Amphitheater:  Rod said we would not have to pay to use the amphitheater if we don’t charge for shows.  Would be a good venue to promote local artists.  Luan asked if we could sell our merchandise and promote TBS?  Some discussion about scheduling three shows during summer months on Wednesday’s.  Suki suggested we table this and concentrate on making money for SOKBF.  All agreed to table this year.

Rod suggested we hold a contest asking our membership to raise money for SOKBF and we give two ticket to backstage at event to person who collects the most dollars.  Rod then made a motion that we run a contest to membership, outside of Board members, and member who raises the most money gets two VIP passes backstage/Reynolds Lodge during SOKBF.  Luan second; approved.

TBS-owned backline:  for future discussion – this year’s focus is on funds for SOKBF.

Five Year Goals

NOTO into Topeka’s “Beale Street“:  no discussion

Mexico Blues Festival in Cancun:  no discussion



No new business discussed.



Next meeting date was not discussed.

Bill moved that meeting be adjourned at 7:55pm, Luan second; adjourned.


Respectfully submitted 02/20/2013

Karen Osborn, TBS Sec’y/Treasurer

Approved 03/18/2013